Stylesheets based on tags

Being a Taskpaper user, I find myself putting @done and @waiting tags in my Bike outline items.

I would love to be able to have a stylesheet for Bike that could make those items be different colors or have strikethroughs.

Is something that could be a possibility?

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Definitely a future goal, but not implemented yet.

At the moment I’m still working on smaller 1.0 issue. Once I get those in pretty good shape I’ll start working on inline rich text support. That will require that I start building in styling system more. So after rich text maybe styles will be next.

the inline tag character can be also # and not only @ ?

I’m not sure how tags will work, but my expectation now is they won’t be syntax based. Instead they will command based… for example maybe there is a Command-T command and that pops up tags text field where each tag name is comma separated from other tags. Not sure at all that this is the way it will work, but that sort of command (instead of syntax) is the design I will likely try first.

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IMHO the more tag syntax is proprietary the less is compatible… especially on iOs

I think the approach I describe can still be compatible. I’m talking about how it will work in Bike on macOS, but how it’s serialized to plain text is a different question. Anyway, I hope to get lots of feedback once I start working on this, but still a while before then.

keep waiting…
my vote for a note field!

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Yes, note area would help a lot (especially as I typically go from outline to mind map)

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I love the middle ground idea - tags/style names that are metadata that is serialised to text, but not visible syntax in Bike. :+1:

I think Taskpaper is great, but I’ve never really gotten along with e.g. @done being part of the text that is visible when reading through a list - it feels like noise on top of the strikethrough.

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The way I set up tags for my documents in OmniOutliner is to create a “Tags” column and simple enter keywords there. It’s up to you whether to prefix with @, #, or nothing, comma or space separate and easy to use for automation. Step 1 might be to implement something similar (multiple column support), Step 2 to have column types including a special tags type that follows standard macOS tag functionality. See also: Future Feature Request: Complex OPML handling

in OO do you have inline tags? likeTaskpaper… or Dynalist or Workflowy…?

Not that i am aware of. The normal input mode is rich text and of course you’re free to simply type tags inline, but they will not automatically get any special formatting or functionality. I prefer to make a column for them which is formatted differently than my main entry (“Topic” is the default column for a row in OO).

One advantage of having a tags type for a column is to get autocomplete, but this can be solved in other ways if you like to maintain an independent tags list system-wide (i.e. using a text expander, Alfred, etc. to do completion/insertion from this list).