Editing themes -> TP 3 window and app switching issues



I bought the upgrade to TP 3 this morning but am running into a bunch of problems.

I can’t switch to TaskPaper with command-tab. I can click the icon in the dock and the app receives focus, but if I command-tab to another app, I can’t switch back to TP.

Also having issues with windows not appearing, then windows closing but an identical window with the same title and no content appearing underneath.

Also TP is not remembering recent documents consistently. Sometimes when I start they’re there, other times not. Even when they’re there, selecting one does not actually cause it to open.

And now creating a new document does nothing.

Update: deleting my contents of theme.less seems to reset TaskPaper back to a functional state – all these problems started once I tried playing with some changes to the theme. I should add that I also had some crashes when I left out a semicolon or introduced other syntax errors to theme.less .

TP 3.3.2 is not remembering recent documents consistently

Yeah right now TaskPaper doesn’t handle theme error well. I’ll try to isolate that more in the future. But now I recommend just making small changes as you create your theme, using the live preview as a guide.