Bug (?) When Copying/Pasting URL

(Bike 1.4)

I THINK this is a bug rather than expected behavior:

I have two URL’s, say “fish.com” and “boat.com”, each of which has link text the same as the display text.

I copy “fish.com” and paste over “boat.com”.

The URL behind “boat.com” gets updated appropriately to “fish.com”. However the text “boat.com” remains “boat.com”.



This is working as designed … but yeah I think the design might be wrong for this case.

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For this case, maybe show link popover with pasted URL and old Title, I think. :thinking:

I’ve been testing other macOS apps and they all have similar behavior in this case. The rule is pretty simple:

  • On paste if selection isn’t empty, and pasted text is URL, then add link instead of replace selection.

But it can lead to confusion. I was confused a bit earlier today when copying and pasting links. I’m not quite sure what answer is.

On one hand it’s nice feature to paste a url over selection and create a link. On the other hand that’s a special case, and isn’t working the way a text editor normally should.

I could make the rule more complex and do various checking … but in the end that might confuse more then help. I’m open to suggestion here:

  1. Leave as is?
  2. Remove behavior all together?
  3. Is there some app that handles this better?
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That might be better. I think “this case” should be for any paste of text that looks like URL though, not just case where the URL doesn’t match the selected text, but the selected text is URL.

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I think I might actually go this route. I think most of the confusion can be avoided with this rule:

  • On paste if selection isn’t empty, and selection isn’t link, and pasted text is URL, then add link instead of replace selection.

With this change pasting a link over another link with replace that link both text and URL.


I like this.

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I’ve just posted Bike 1.4.2 Preview (84) with this new behavior. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Went well in a brief test.

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