Disable some or all URL detection

In most cases, automatic links are welcome, as they are useful in many ways.
If you are considering this area, you may want to consider measures for the case of “I don’t want to be automatically linked”.
Specifically, like “ca.tv”.
スクリーンショット 2022-10-14 4.02.36
At present, only links are automatically interpreted in Bike, but not limited to links, a method of specifying “This range (including those that may be added in the future) will not be automatically interpreted and will follow the instructions for rich text” may be necessary. :thinking:

I’ve moved this to it’s own topic. I think it is needed, but it’s a bigger problem and not addressable without some thinking. Anyone is free to add thoughts. I’m adding this post to my todo list so I don’t forget, but when I get to it will depend on all other priorities. Not actively working on it at the moment.

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Thanks to move to own topic and to add todo list, …and…