Breadcrumb navigation?

For the new Bike app, has there been any thought given to supporting an optional breadcrumb navigation trail between documents? And a generic “Back” breadcrumb at the bottom of a page? I’ve just seen how nicely it is done in the Craft app. And of course this would imply some way to embed links to other documents (as in Obsidian’s Maps of Content). Just an idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, definitely something I’ve thought about (or at least navigation UI in general). There’s nothing yet, and won’t be for 1.0:

  • I’m almost certain I will add some sort of navigation/indication to show when you are hoisted/focused into your outline.

  • Breadcrumb navigation for navigation within a document is a possibility. I’m not sure I want this, but it’s on my mind.

  • Breadcrumb navigation for navigation between documents is also a possibility, but more difficult in a number of ways… it’s not a simple fit to macOS document based app model. I think it works better in a “sandbox” style app where the app has direct access and control over all documents.

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