Thoughts on Navigation

From a previous post, where it was asked to pull into a separate thread:

One other thought I had for a request was jump history so you can navigate around the jump stack. Perhaps there’s a buffer that remembers your row locations so you can navigate back and forth via a menu command.

Let me try explaining again. Right now we have Focus In and Focus Out. A lot of apps will generally have some type of History menu for Navigating Back and Forward:

Certain actions would make sense to keep track of so you can go back to jump back to your previous focused row. Let me give you an example.

  • Let’s say I’m focused in on today’s journal
  • I then run a scripting command that brings me to my inbox
  • Cool, I’ve added something quickly in my inbox and want to jump back to my today’s journal
  • I hit Focus Out but it brings me back home and I have to navigate back manually

Ideally, whenever there is a change of focused row, we could keep track of that state in an in memory stack so we can navigate it. Hopefully this clears things up a bit, I think it’d be huge for ux and navigating around larger documents.

Thanks that makes sense to me.

When you said “jump history” I associated that with a text editor feature where you designate “marks” and then jump back to them. I’m sure a useful system, but one that I’ve never really understood or used. Web browser style navigation history for focused item makes more sense to me.

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That’s very succinct and exactly what I was referring to.