Bike Search to find content?

There was an old macOS app called Notational Velocity. It shares some of the same values like keyboard being a first class interaction.

One of the great things about the app was that you never had to think about “should I make a new file/note for this or have a written about this before”. If you wanted to open a note you had to search for it and if it existed, you could append to the existing one and if you didn’t you could write a brand new note.

There was only 1 flow to start writing which made it fast and avoided a deviation from your current thought.

searching for notes is not a separate action; rather, it is the primary interface.

Doesn’t this approach only work if you are willing to limit yourself to the files in one folder or let the app manage all of the file storage?

@karlnyhus yeah it would. Would this be an anti pattern for bike. I’d love to build this through extensions if it was possible to inject the search ui in.

If I can meet these scripting goals then I think this might be possible:

But reaching those goals is still somewhere over the horizon.

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