Bike Rich Text (Sept 1st)

Kids are back to school today, summer fun is winding down, and with luck I’ll start getting preview releases out more regularly again.

Last rich text update can be found here:

Bike Rich Text (Late August)

Unfortunately after figuring out a nice way to insert buttons for interacting with links into the text I ran into a major problem. My approach worked great … almost. Turns out the text system feature that I was relying on to make space for the button would only work after a single byte character. Last week I discovered that if link label text ended with multi-byte character then boom! And unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any workaround, at least not without stepping a few layers out from where I was implementing this feature.

Frustrating, because I really liked the UI, but that’s programming I guess. Last few days I’ve been removing that code and trying to clean some things up as I ago. This week my plan is to try the run affinity idea (discussed in above link comments) for targeting which neighboring rich text run inserted characters go into. Can’t promise, but I hope to have another preview ready Friday. It’s a bit overdue.


And after posting this I just realized that today isn’t Monday, it’s Thursday. Friday release is looking more unlikely now… but I do plan to make another preview release at some point for sure!

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No hurry. These things need time to cook.