Bike: Printing + Quicklook + thumbnails

Bike Outliner now supports printing! It also adds quicklook previews and icon thumbnails for your .bike files in the Finder.

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Printing! I feel like a responsible Mac developer again. Now to figure out what I’ll be working on for the next release.

tags? :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’m quite ready for tags. To be really useful I need to filter outline based on them, and to do that I need to decide and implement query language.

I think the next big feature that I’ll tackle is row types, so headings, separators. Maybe also different list types and tasks.

Right now I’m trying to decide if I should start that or if I should do a release of bug fixes and smaller features. I also have a bunch of Shortcuts code that I’ve written, but need to finish up and integrate into app.


OK, I confess I didn’t have time to test things in the Preview version. But in the released version: When I go to print the first time after opening a document, everything works fine–including using focus. However, subsequent attempts to print almost always result in only the top outline level in the current view printing. To get expected printing behavior, I have to first close and then reopen the document.

Including with print to PDF ?

I don’t think I’m seeing this.


Given the above outline are you saying if you zoom into “two” then print then “five” won’t print? Note that printing takes collapsed state into account, are you sure items just aren’t collapse?

Thanks for pointing this out and sending example document. I think this is now fixed in 1.10.1 (Preview). Please test it out and let me know:

That seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

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QuickLook previews? I think that was something I asked for so … woohoo! And thank you.

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Expand/Collapse to level X? My most-wished-for missing feature. So useful.

Not yet, but it’s on my list.

Exciting. I’ve enjoyed your work ever since Hog Bay Notebook. :slight_smile:

Yes, tasks. I’m still using TaskPaper. Would be nice to consolidate into one app.

Also, maybe a bit more control over printing. Smaller font sizes is all I really need.