Bike-1.4-preview-(69) problem


This new version does not let me save (or autosave).

I restarted my mac and reinstalled the same version, but without success. I’ve had to go back to an older version. Any ideas?

Weird. I have no problem with Bike 1.4, 69. On an iMac (2017), OS 12.4

Also works fine on my M1 MBA, OS 12.4

Thanks. I’m running MacOS 12.5 on a MacBook Pro 2021 (M1 Pro chip)

Does it show an error dialogue?

And what happens if you:

  1. Create new document
  2. Save

I’m experiencing this inability to save if I try to save the Bike file as plain text (or .md).

Screenshot 2022-08-13 at 20.20.32

See post above.

@hooley @TrapezeArtist Thanks I think I’ve fixed this for the next release. I hope to get that fix (and other updates out) by this Friday.

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Thanks @jessegrosjean I just returned from a week off and am also having the issue. On an M1 machine.

@jessegrosjean I don’t know if this information helps you but i had this saving issue with version 68 and 69. I had the roll back to 67.

Thanks for letting me know. I “think” this is fixed for next preview release, but that will still take a bit to arive.

sounds good. I’m running fine on 67 for my needs.

I think this is fixed in: Bike 1.4 Preview (70) “Rich Text”

thanks, Jesse. So far so good.

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