Bike 1.2 (58)

  • Added Row > Delete Rows (Shift-Command-K)
  • Added preference to disable typing animations
  • Fixed AppleScript access to row’s visible property
  • Allow alternative file extensions when saving
  • Added list of keyboard shortcuts to welcome text
  • Collapsing a collapsed row will collapse containing row
  • Preserve .bike and .opml file head content on open/save
  • Changed file reading to recover from some formatting errors
  • Fixed Stop incorrectly deleting folded rows when text editing
  • Fixed Stop discarding empty lines when reading plain text format
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Version 56 was rejected by Apple because I mentioned you could get app non-subscription from my website. Oop. So resubmitting as (58) and added some new features I’d finished in the meantime.

Bike 1.2 is no longer preview release and should be available through Mac App Store and Software Update now.

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