Markdown Syntactic Double Newlines Issue

Love Bike! Here’s something I’ve noticed: when roundtripping a markdown doc into Bike, it loses the syntactically important blank lines preceding markdown paragraphs.

I’ve made a short unlisted video demonstrating the issue:

Bike - Markdown - Issue Demo

I’d love to be able to roundtrip a markdown doc into bike without losing those. Not sure what the best strategy is for that, but thought I’d raise the issue for consideration.

Interesting find. I would also prefer blanklines to be retained in the roundtrip.

Just a random observation: Not all Markdown-oriented editors are equally strict about blank lines as paragraph separators. Some, like Obsidian or NotePlan (to mention two examples where I recently observed it), actually treat single newlines as the default. And having just checked, I can confirm that even renderers like Marked 2 can be configured to work with it. In the preferences pane, go to ‘Processor’ tab and look for the checkbox under ‘Rendering’ labeled ‘Retain line breaks in paragraphs’. If that’s checked, single newlines will be treated as paragraph breakpoints. Not ideal, but maybe it can tie you over for now? On closer inspection, that last part turns out to be incorrect. It just keeps \n-separated lines together in the same paragraph. Nothing to see here.

Thanks for the suggestion. I need to retain the lines as this is a large corpus of material and losing blank lines collapses the difference between single-newline composed paragraphs and actual paragraph separators. Changing that behavior would alter the results of hundreds of these documents I have already.

Not critical info, but I’m using Pandoc as the Marked 2 rendering engine, not the built in engine, so that option isn’t usable, regardless.

Thanks for reporting this, I think it’s a bug and will try to fix soon.

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I think this is fixed in Bike 1.2 Preview, please give it a try and let me know.

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Confirmed that Bike correctly round trips these documents now! Thanks, Jesse!

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