Auto completion for tag values



why is there no autocompletion for (existing) tag values when typing the tag and an opening bracket?



I’m not sure what you mean… there is autocomplete for tags generally. Is that working for you? If that’s not working then make sure that you have “Editor: Auto-complete tags as you type” selected in preference.

If you are talking about something different can you give an example of exactly what you mean. Thanks!


My file contained tags for places.

Let’s say


When I type @Du it proposes @Dublin

I renamed the tags to


When typing @p it proposes @place. When typing @place( it does not recommend anything (Berlin, Dublin, …)



Sorry for the delay here, been thinking about this, but I don’t see an easy solution that doesn’t also have drawbacks. In your case it seems good, but in cases where there are many potential values (such as @done(data)) or where multiple tags are used @tag(1, 2, 3) I see a lot of edge cases that might cause irritation.

Is there an existing app that you think does this well?