Nesting tags


I’m assuming the answer is “no”, but can you nest tags in TP? I use tags for projects, people, etc, and my list is getting long. How do people manage this? Thanks.

Also, is there a way to associate a list of tags I created with a document - even if I have zero data in the body of a TP note?


I guess no, but I’m not really sure what nesting tags would mean in the first place. Can you give an example of how it might work, or other apps that do nest tags as you would want?

If I understand correctly I think no. The two ways to populate the tag choices in TaskPaper are:

  1. Tags included in your document are included in tag lists.
  2. Tags entered into the “tags” configuration file are included in tag lists. This second option might be what you are after … it allows you to always have a certain set of tags showing in the sidebar, even if they are not yet entered into your document. But this setting is global… not document specific. So not exactly what you are asking for.

To find configuration files:

  1. Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder
  2. Then find the “Configurations” folder in the same location as the StyleSheet folder.
  3. And in that Configuration folder you’ll find the tags config file.


re: nesting

Say I have 4 tags for 4 different people (john, sally, bob, mike), i’d like to see only those entries with those 4 tags. so if nest them under one tag “people”, i’m able to retrieve all 4 quickly i.e. people (john, sally, boy, mike)


Ok, you can’t do that exactly, but there are two other ways to approach the problem in TaskPaper:

  1. You can take people with a combined tag/value. So for example @person(John) @person(Sally) @person(Bob) etc. Then search for @person to find any person, search for @person = John to find only “John”.

  2. Alternatively you can search for all values using an or search. So for example you can search for @john or @sally or @bob or @mike etc. That’s a bit much to type out every time you want to find all people, but you could maintain this list of people in a saved search.