Article on TaskPaper

Love the One You’re With Part 1



Thanks for the article and for sharing here.

Dumb question: I’m not using Task Paper currently, and am still a newbie (though an enthusiastic one) with Bike, but can Bike do everything Task Paper does? If not, any thought of integrating Task Paper mode into Bike?


Short answer is no, but working in that direction.

In my mind the three big TaskPaper features missing from Bike right now are:

  • Filtering outline
  • StyleSheets
  • Tags/Attributes

I expect Bike 2.0 (in progress with some demo releases so far, but still while before done) to support filtering and stylesheets. Not sure if a UI for tagging will make it into 2.0, but will get there eventually.

More info on why Bike vrs TaskPaper: