Bike vs TaskPaper

Hello - new here :slight_smile:

Have only been using TaskPaper for about six months. Love it. Thanks!

Now I see there is Bike.

May I ask (then duck for cover), please: what’s the difference?

Styles would be very useful. Should I switch?

Thanks so much in advance for any guidance…

No need to duck for cover :slight_smile:

Here’s what I wrote last January:

Generally I’ve been working on TaskPaper a long time and wanted to work on some new approaches/ideas that didn’t really fit into TaskPaper. And that’s what Bike is.

Bike is where I’m putting my energy now, though I will also keep TaskPaper updated, I just don’t expect that I’ll add many new features to TaskPaper.



Thanks! Thanks so much for your quick and helpful reply; and tolerance/indulgence :slight_smile:

From what you kindly say, it looks as though I should switch to Bike, which I’m quite happy to do.

Can I export/import files; or just change their extensions etc?

My reticence has come from knowing the almost iconic status of TaskPaper: I started using it because it was such a venerable (and venerated) macOS standard.

I won’t lose any of that of I transition to Bike, will I?

Thanks again…

Maybe …

At the moment they are both good at pretty different things. TaskPaper has powerful search/tags/filtering/themes. Bike doesn’t have any of that. Bike has rich text, embedded links, and a fluid/animated editing experience.

For my use Bike is a better place to “think” right now, but if you are trying to manage and categorize lists of things TaskPaper has more tools to help you.

Over time I do expect Bike to keep getting new tools and features, but programmings slow and always takes longer then I expect.

As far as file format, Bike can open TaskPaper files directly (no need to change file extension)… Bike can read/write any plain text file. Though note that if you are working with a plain text file then Bike’s rich text features are disabled.

If you want to move your TaskPaper data into a Bike file that supports rich text maybe easiest would be to just create new document in Bike and then copy/paste from TaskPaper into that document.

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Thanks again, Jesse!

All clear and understood.

I have used OmniOutliner; good though it is, it’s overkill for such outlines/lists as reading programmes and planned/even sequenced lists of CDs etc to buy.

So TP is more convergent than it seems Bike is.

I do need Search, for sure. If that’s still to come for Bike, then I think my best plan is to keep an eye on developments (good luck with those!) and wait to make the move.

I currently use (coloured) tags in TP, but rich text would be a real help.

Thanks so much. I’ll do some more poking around.

(There isn’t a trial version of Bike, is there?)

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There is. Just download Bike from and you’ll get a 7 day trial with all features enabled. After a week some features (rich text + AppleScript right now) will become disabled, but you can still use Bike in plain text free mode as long as you want.

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Got it. Thanks, Jesse.

Have done a few comparisons, already.

Somehow I like the ‘comfort’ of a sidebar :slight_smile:

Most important to me is elementary formatting - largely highlighting according to priorities (which rarely means TaskPaper’s ‘Done’ etc.

For instance, in a reading list, I need:

  1. Now!
  2. of secondary importance
  3. some day soon
  4. when I get time (middle to distant future)


But I could set all of those - with corresponding colours - in TaskPaper, couldn’t I.

But not (yet) in Bike?

The absolute ideal for me would be the ability to select multiple rows (with Cmnd+Click) and assign a tag and/or colour to them all to indicate priority etc…