Zoom in/out not working

I didn’t try this function before. But it’s not working. I have no idea of any reason. Any suggestion?

Zoom in/out still seems to work for me. It’s designed to zoom the text size up and down.

Do you have a custom theme? If so it may be that you’ve hard coded the font size in your theme?

Thanks, it’s really about the theme. I changed another theme and zoom works now.

To allow your own themes to scale the font on zoom in/out you just need to use the @user-font-size variable in your theme instead of hardcoding a constant value. If you want a different size you can also scale that value. For example this rule sets the font size of projects to always be 1.5 times the default user font size, giving you a bigger font, that also will scale when you zoom in/out:

item[data-type="project"] {
  font-size: @user-font-size * 1.5;