XML comments in .bike files?

I notice that Bike is happy to open .bike files containing XML comment lines like:

Marked Style: My Custom Style
Custom Processor: true

but comment lines of this kind understandably get discarded on save.

Does it look feasible (or desirable) to retain them (or even build UI access to them) ?

Marked 2, for example, can read and use (keyName : valueString) lines in XML comments to enable per-document style and pre-processing settings.

(If this seems a long shot, or tricky in relation to Save As {TXT, OPML}, then an alternative may be to set up custom Pandoc pipe-lines with the help of scripts)

Unfortunately I don’t think it would be easy to add, so unlikely anytime in near term if ever.

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That’s helpful – Pandoc it is then :slight_smile:

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