WriteRoom for iOS lives on as Writemator

I discontinued WriteRoom for iOS development a number of years ago and removed it from the Mac App Store. The most recent iOS update completely broke WriteRoom for iOS so that it would not launch at all.

I thought it was dead, until Amit (who also took over TaskPaper for iOS code and made Taskmator with it) asked to take over and update the code for the latest version of iOS. I said yes, and now we have Writemator:

It takes the original WriteRoom for iOS code and updates it to work on the latest version of Mac OS. Anyway check it out if you are missing WriteRoom for iOS.

Does it pull everything from Writeroom? Can we send the documents into an email?

Writemator app is based on the old WriteRoom app for iOS. Writemator support dropbox sync API V2 using which you can sync your plain text documents across iOS devices to any dropbox folder. Yes you can send the documents via email in Writemator. Open a file in Writemator --> tap the name of file on top --> Choose “Email” option.