Writeroom Blocked by Apple Security?

As of this week, anytime I try to open a txt file in Writeroom, it gets blocked by Apple’s security, saying it’s not from an identified developer—even though I got it directly from the App Store. I can override it, but it’s forcing me to re-approve it daily.

Anyone else with a similar issue?

I didn’t notice any change. I’m using this version:

I do think you’ll have to OK it to the system since it’s not sandboxed or notorized. But once you do that I “think” it should stick… I’m opening the app fine without being asked to re-authorize.

Using WriteRoom v. 3.2.1 on OS 10.15.7 (updated) from a zip copy I received fr Jesse some time ago. OS won’t allow to open because Apple can’t check for malicious software. I want the green monochrome font and typewriter scrolling – I find difficult to live without. Please advise.

It should work if you open it by:

  1. Right click on WriteRoom app icon
  2. Choose “Open” from the resulting popup menu
  3. Choose “Open” button from the resulting dialogue

At that point it should open… and in the future it should open by normal app double-click without showing you the warning/dialogue.

I recommend a policy be underwritten to insure that Jessee is always around. Otherwise I might panic if I can’t get to WriteRoom in two seconds.

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