Would like to see more comprehensive printing options


Printer is pretty rudimentary. At the least, it would be useful to control margins (I find the defaults to be way too large) and page headers and footers. As good or better (maybe it’s already here) would be a way to specify themes for printing, using the same theme mechanism already in the app.


I’m not sure what the best way to do this is. Generally I think print margins are meant to be set through the standard printing panel in the “Paper Size” section. With that said there seems to be a limit (which is quite big) which those margins can’t go below.

Is anyone aware of how to use the standard OS X printing panels to make those margins smaller. For example is it possible to print a TextEdit document so that it prints right to the edge of the page?


Not sure about how to do this as a developer, but regarding TextEdit, the help doc says:

Note: You can’t adjust the margins of a TextEdit document when you print it. To adjust the margins of the document when you print it, open it in Pages.

and creating a custom page size with narrow (or no) margins in Page Setup does nothing.

But clearly apps can do it. TextWrangler for example lets you print with zero margins. All word processors, and so forth.


Ok, I’ve added this to my list, though I think it’s unlikely to make it into version 3.0.