[[Wiki style Links]]

Big ask, but could you add wiki-style internal links to TaskPaper. I’ve been using these to link notes together. What I mean by wiki-style is the [[mylink]] format. I use wiki-style links for notes using another program called The Archive and found this feature helpful organizing notes.

If we had this feature how would one use wiki-style links in TP?
Break a big project into many smaller projects. [[AllYearProjects]]
Create a TP file as a table of contents to these smaller TP project files. [[01projects]], [[02projects]], [[specialProject]], [[xyzProjects]]

The Table of Contents in AllYearProjects.taskpaper would link to these smaller files with wiki-style links.
My 2021 Projects:
January projects [[01projects]]
February [[02projects]]
Fix shed roof see [[01projects]]

I put my *.taskpaper files in The Archive directory and use The Archive to create wiki-style links to TP text files, and used it to navigate Taskpaper files. That is the benefit of using TP, plain text files; one can use other programs to manipulate text streams. I can use other text-based app with it. However, I need to get out of The Archive and go back to TaskPaper for all the helpful features like folding, organizing with @tags, and so on.

It would be great to add the wiki-style links to TaskPaper. Tapping Wiki sytle link in plain text to find the TP target or provides the option to create a document (or just error out).


Sorry missed this post initially. I would like something like this, but not until I have a workspace view which means not until TaskPaper 4, which means… some future date.

did you make any progress on it?
could you explain a little more you file organisation, with some real example perhaps…?

Sorry nothing that’s released. When I posted this I was doing work in a file based workspace/text editor, but the project went on for a long time and never got to a shipping point. I then took some interesting parts of that project to make Bike, but non of the workspace code made it over. Someday I hope to pick that part of the project up again, but it’s not something I expect to work on soon.

Alas I am not an organized person. I have on file right now that I really care about “Todo.bike” that’s stored in my Bike GitHub repository. Then I have 10-15 “temp” files scattered on my desktop for in progress (10-20 row) mini outlines. That’s about it.

I try to reformulate my needs…
Is it possible to have a TP doc as a masterlist where every node can “link” to another TP doc?
If not would it be possible in Bike?

Yes, this is possible. Create your master list document and some other TaskPaper documents. Drag one of these other documents from the Finder into your Masterlist. A file link should be inserted. Click that link to open the linked TaskPaper document.

These sort of linked documents are also possible in Bike with a bit more flexibility. In Bike you can do the same as the above with the following extensions/benfiits:

  1. In Bike you can also link to specific rows (in either another document, or in the row source document.

  2. In Bike links are based on unique ID’s not file paths. This means you can move/rename file and the links won’t break.


and, not yet, backlinking? :pray: