[[Wiki style Links]]

Big ask, but could you add wiki-style internal links to TaskPaper. I’ve been using these to link notes together. What I mean by wiki-style is the [[mylink]] format. I use wiki-style links for notes using another program called The Archive and found this feature helpful organizing notes.

If we had this feature how would one use wiki-style links in TP?
Break a big project into many smaller projects. [[AllYearProjects]]
Create a TP file as a table of contents to these smaller TP project files. [[01projects]], [[02projects]], [[specialProject]], [[xyzProjects]]

The Table of Contents in AllYearProjects.taskpaper would link to these smaller files with wiki-style links.
My 2021 Projects:
January projects [[01projects]]
February [[02projects]]
Fix shed roof see [[01projects]]

I put my *.taskpaper files in The Archive directory and use The Archive to create wiki-style links to TP text files, and used it to navigate Taskpaper files. That is the benefit of using TP, plain text files; one can use other programs to manipulate text streams. I can use other text-based app with it. However, I need to get out of The Archive and go back to TaskPaper for all the helpful features like folding, organizing with @tags, and so on.

It would be great to add the wiki-style links to TaskPaper. Tapping Wiki sytle link in plain text to find the TP target or provides the option to create a document (or just error out).


Sorry missed this post initially. I would like something like this, but not until I have a workspace view which means not until TaskPaper 4, which means… some future date.