Why Multiple Files?

Given the ability to focus on a specific topic, what is the reason some folks have multiple files? More curious than a practical interest on my part.

One reason would be if you wish to store a project’s todo-list along with the project in a version control system.

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Different files for personal, work, side projects, travel, education and learning, family, other main categories.

I understand that, Slyfogh, but why? With the focus feature the only reasons I now see are version tracking, or if you are sharing files with someone and need to silo the information they receive.

If I want to Manage 5-7 different major categories with lots of sub-categories of my life, I will use OmniFocus. I would like to use TaskPaper to separate different areas of my life into smaller focused files.

To follow up on this, am I the only person who uses more than one TP file?

Does everyone else manage all of their projects and tasks in one single file? If TaskPaper would allow folding on the sidebar, this would seem manageable but without folding the list of projects combined with tasks and sub-task can grow too long too quickly.

Nope. I use multiple files too. I do one file per major project, and then one folder per year with one file per month of little things I need to take care of.

I find it overwhelming (even with the focus feature) to have EVERYTHING all in one big file.

The ability to focus or fold the Project sidebar is excellent, and could just use the same methodology as the main window. Feature request please!

Can you please share how are you coping with TaskPaper’s inability to remember window size and position when yo are working with multiple TP files? Do you constantly readjust, keep them all open one top of each other at the same time or how?

I used to have multiple files for about my projects and kept a general todo file. In addition I had about 12 lists (≠ todos) – all of them with 50-250 entries.

Nowadays, I use separate project files sparsely and prefer one main file. It’s just easier to search. Before categories were definitely overlapping.

I still have some project files because if I have I do web development, I end up with lists that easily cover +300 tasks.

I keep some separate files but tend to break them more out between areas rather than projects. I use Windows at work and whether I’m using FTA or the PlainTasks Sublime package I don’t want to mix my personal stuff with those files.

Nor do I want to see them when I’m not working, even inadvertently.

For clients I know I’ll have long-standing work with, they get their own file. Otherwise I tend to have one Work file. Same for personal stuff.

Most of my day-to-day things go into one file…kinda. I’m switching a lot of things around right now.

How do you cope with TaskPaper’s inability to remember window size and position on Mac? Do you always keep the separate files open or adjust the position and size every time you open them?

I suppose technically I cope with it by not even thinking about it. Important files I tend to just leave open in Taskpaper when I shut down.

Near 100% of the time I’m working on a 13 MBA, so moving and resizing windows is something I do a lot of anyways, for all applications. If I have a larger screen it might take up more of my attention than it does now.

I still hope that Jesse will fix this annoyance for final release.