Why is a tag only line not handled as a task?


It always confuses me a bit when I start a new line with a tag, but the line becomes a task only after writing some additional text behind the tag. Why is a single tag not handled as a task?


I’m not quite sure that I’m following you. In TaskPaper terminology “task items” must start with dash space -. Everyting else is either a project, or I think in your example a note.


I was intrigued and took a look and it seems that the line doesn’t use the task stylesheet formatting if there’s no text beside a tag.

For example:

Here is only the tag:

And here is with a character after (we can see the hyphen get the task formatting as well as the line height):


Thanks! Now I see and understand the problem.

The reason for the problem is that when I parse items, if they have trailing tags, I first parse those tags (and any space before those tags) and then remove that section of the line that I’m recognizing. And then parse for things like item type. What that’s doing in the case you describe is leaving me with just a - with no trailing space at the point where I’m determining item type.

Adding this bug to my list now.


Thank you GuiB for explaining and illustrating it much better. (Sorry for the circumstances, but I am not a native English speaker).

Thank you Jesse for filing a bug.