Where's the centering command?

I have read all the Bike articles, which I almost understand, but can’t find anything about centering headlines, or moving them to the left or right margins. Where are they?

My understanding is that Bike 2 may introduce stylesheets.

( Bike 1 focuses on the structure, rather than styling, of documents)

Depending on the context and purpose, you can, however, apply CSS to the display of .bike XML files in browsers, and in applications like Brett Terspstra’s Marked, and DEVONthink, which provide browser-like rendering.

See, for example:

GitHub - blakewatson/bike-web-enhancements: Script and stylesheet for viewing Bike files in a web browser. Unofficial. https://www.hogbaysoftware.com/bike/

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This isn’t supported now.

Bike 2 will provide stylesheets that will give you more styling options. I’m not sure if centering will be an option though. I think it’s rather confusing to have centered text in an outline. Makes the structure much harder to understand in my mind.

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