Where did context menu shortcut go?

I could swear there used to be a keyboard shortcut that, when triggered with the cursor above a link, opened up a small context menu with the options ‘Open Link’, ‘Copy Link’, and ‘Edit Link’. I remember taking note of this, since I personally prefer to open links using the keyboard.

Was this shortcut been dropped? I can’t find anything about it anymore.

The usual route to contextual menus (Ctrl-click),
seems to be working here with links.

I think I may have shared a ⌘⇧O macro at some stage,
but that was for early builds, before the richer GUI interface to links,
and I’ve personally retired it now.

There was (and still is in 1.8.3 release), but I removed in latest preview release.

I can’t quite remember the details, but I think I added it way back in 1.0, before you could click on links. The only way to open a link was through the context menu. And that was too painful with the mouse each time, so I also added a way to show the shortcut programatically.

I have added menu items Format > Edit Link and Format > Open link which keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to. There’s also Edit > Copy > Copy Link with a shortcut.

I’m also not completely against adding back the context menu keyboard shortcut… it just felt a little funky since it’s not something that I see any other apps doing, and I never found myself using it.

I get what you’re saying. It’s not the most common UX design pattern. I figured you’d opted for a single keybinding (was it ctrl-M or something?) instead of separate keybindings for each action. In any case, I appreciated having a way to open links without needing to leave the keyboard. It’s not that I insist on using the keyboard for everything in life, but it’s certainly handy when I’m in a steady thinking flow. (Personally I’m a big fan of command palettes for this reason.)

I’ll look into configuring my own shortcuts for those menu items!

I second @adrnlem. I think it’s really handy that one can open the context menu by hiting Ctrl-M. In fact, I don’t understand that why there aren’t more apps doing this. I tweeted about this: https://twitter.com/titanypw/status/1597470257462976512