Where can I download an old version of Bike?

Short version: where can I download an older version of Bike?

Long version: On my MacBook Air, with the latest version of Bike, it crashed today on me and then kept crashing on launch. It had been working fine for many months. I tried deleting all HogBay software folders from my user Library folder and reinstalling the app, but it’s now silently crashing when I try to launch the app.

On my iMac, Bike is working fine. And I said skip this version when it offered to update. I’m hoping that installing the old version of Bike on my MacBook Air will fix my crash-on-launch problem. Anyone have any other suggestions to try?

You can download previous Bike releases here:


But repeated crashing on startup is something I’d like to fix… can you send me crash reports?

Thank you. I’m happy to send you crash reports if you can help me find them and tell me where to send them.

I seem to have resolved the issue. There was an iCloud file that seems to be corrupted or locked somehow. I think it is probably related to running out of disk space and causing the original Bike crash. I downloaded the file from the web interface of iCloud and put it in the right spot, and now Bike opens fine. I didn’t need to try reverting to an old version of Bike.

Glad things are working again.

You can try:

  1. Open Console.app on your Mac using Spotlight
  2. In the left sidebar of Console.app select “Crash Reports”
  3. Send me (jesse@hogbaysoftware.com) any Bike crashes


Thanks, Jesse. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything in my Crash Reports tab. Maybe that clears after a reboot? Or maybe the running out of drive space messed up the crash report saving? If it happens again, I’ll be sure to send you the reports.

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