When will TaskPaper 3 be released?


March 15th!

I expect pricing to be:

  1. It’s $10 right now if you buy the preview release. That gets you a full license for version 3.0.

  2. It will have week of $15 introductory pricing from my site and from the Mac App Store when completed.

  3. Final pricing will be $25 after the first week.




So where could I download the preview version and pay for it?


Still trying to get some details in place, but you can buy/download from www.taskpaper.com now.


Is there a way to pay $10 now and get a Mac App Store-licensed version when the final version is released?


Unfortunately there isn’t. I don’t have any way to generate Mac App Store licenses except for on a very limited basis (by giving away app store tokens, but they are limited in number and a pain to create). I’ll put TaskPaper 3 in the Mac App Store when it’s finished (out of preview) and it will be $15 for the first week before going up to $25.


@jessegrosjean I’ve just bought the pre-release version from your site (it felt like a good time for a return to TaskPaper and the price was nice). Are you foreseeing any differences in features, support, or update frequency between this and the App Store version? Just wouldn’t want to miss anything.


Once TaskPaper 3 is no longer in preview it will replace the current TaskPaper 2 in the Mac App Store. Going forward from that point TaskPaper 3 from my website and from the Mac App Store will be essentially the same app. There will be a few differences (such as only Mac App Store version getting iCloud support), but in generally will be same app released on same schedule. (though sometimes Mac App Store release might be delayed a bit my review process).


Thanks much! iCloud isn’t too big a deal for me for stuff like this, so it sounds like I should be pretty solid.


@jessegrosjean if i buy the TP3 preview i will not be able to use icloud?



Correct, if you need iCloud you should wait for TaskPaper 3 to be finished, at which time I’ll also post a version to the Mac App Store that will support iCloud.


understood. thanks.


Curious of the time frame at this point, seeing as we are in the last week of January. I was revisiting TaskPaper and didn’t remember downloading the preview release, and now am being prompted that I need to purchase before I can continue. Seems odd that a preview release would have a time limit on it. I would understand an expired beta…

Anyway, just curious where dev is and if there is an ETA for final preview.



Current status is:

  1. Over Christmass, I documented the scripting API and writing out most of the user’s guide (and made a number of internal changes to match).

  2. In the process I broke some things, and am still tracking down some of those bugs so that I can make the next preview release. I would expect to manage this next week, but I’ve expected that for the last 3 weeks running.

  3. I also spent some time building out the datetime parser as discussed elsewhere in these forums. And built a menu item app to test it and provide a quick way make short reminders (outside of TaskPaper). I’ll release that app at some point, but not right now.

  4. Once I get this next preview out the I expect the preview releases frequencey to pick up as I just churge through my feature todo list as fast as possible.

My predictions are always off, but I imagine it will be at least another month before final release.

I’m not sure why the trial is used up, I think it must be that you ran TaskPaper 3 once before. It normally has a 7 day trial.