What to expect and decision about which program

Just bought my copy of TaskPaper3, didn’t wait for the 7 days trial as I fell deeply in love with the program after months of working with “plaintasks” in Sublime…
Got very confused/annoyed with the later discovery of FoldingText… Its Critic/MarkDown capabilities would be really nice for my “knowledge managment” activities in my PhD Thesis…
Now I don’t know if i should have bought FT instead of TP, as the deep tagging capabilities of TP are also awesome…

To sum up, two questions.
What can I expect from @hogbay in terms of development and stability? When I find a truly useful program I stick to it (Sublime, Scrivener, Marked 1 and 2…) and the fact that FT has not been updated since 2016 make me doubt about the switch… Should I stay (TP) or should I go (FT)?

Second, on the other side, could/would there be a refund if I want to change to FT and give up TP? I know this question is really cheap and I should buy the FT license and support the support, but I had to ask… PhD has no scholarship :wink:

Hog Bay Software (aka @jessegrosjean) has stopped development of FoldingText. @mutahhir (who helped me make FoldingText) has taken the project over, eventually it will be moved off this site to another site run by Mutahhir.

FoldingText is in a state of flux at the moment. Mutahhir is planning to build FoldingText 3, but exactly what that will be is still being decided upon. The latest news is here.

TaskPaper does less then FoldingText, but at this point I think it’s a more stable platform/idea going forward. If you can do what you want in TaskPaper, I think it’s the right choice. If you must do something that TaskPaper can’t do (such as author Markdown documents) then FoldingText is the better choice.

TaskPaper hasn’t been updated in a big way lately. But it’s also stable, and generally modern (it was rewritten in Swift with all the latest and greatest for version 3). It’s also probably going to be a while before it gets another major update. But that’s not because I’m sitting around doing nothing :slight_smile: … though it can seem like that sometimes.

Since TaskPaper 3 release I’ve been working on three things, two relating to TaskPaper:

  1. WriteRoom 4 release
  2. New text editor (will be used in WriteRoom 4 and eventually TaskPaper 4)
  3. New text workspace. Filebrowser on left, tabs and split views to organize things on the right. (will be used in WriteRoom 4 and eventually TaskPaper 4)

So not much action on TaskPaper recently, and will likely be a while (need to finish WriteRoom 4 first) before there is, but I’m actively working on two big pieces of code (editor, workspace) that will be used to create TaskPaper 4.

If you do decide that you want to switch license from TaskPaper to FoldingText just email me jesse@hogbaysoftware.com.