What’s the difference between Taskpaper.com and Mac App Store versions?

I’m selling TaskPaper both from from TaskPaper.com the from the Mac App Store. Generally the two versions are exactly the same. There are the differences that I’m aware of:

  • The Mac App Store version is Sandboxed (a security technology required of all Mac App Store apps) while the direct download version is not. For most use cases this should make little difference.

  • The Mac App Store version updates may be a bit delayed as they must pass through the app store approval process. To date this hasn’t proved much of a delay for TaskPaper.

  • The Mac App Store version supports iCloud directly. The version from my website will not… only apps sold through Mac App Store can support iCloud directly. Either version can save documents to iCloud Drive.

After briefly using a trial version, I downloaded TaskPaper 3 through the Mac App Store the other day. Since I’m a new user, I’m not sure whether the following is expected behavior, an iCloud issue, or a potential bug in TaskPaper:
When trying to save or open a document, TaskPaper—unlike other apps, such as TextEdit—does not seem to create and display a separate folder in my iCloud Library. Instead, it uses the top iCloud Drive directory (cf. screenshot).
Wouldn’t that separation be what “supports iCloud directly” means? Thanks for any clarification!

I feel a bit silly asking this question, as I’m sure it’s perfectly obvious but I’ve somehow missed it. Is there a web-version of taskpaper? I use a PC at work and a Macbook at home. Would love to utilize it while I am here at work. Thanks!

No web version, unfortunately. But it looks like there’s another app that can work with Taskpaper formated files — TodoPaper. Here’s a list of apps compatible with the Taskpaper format

Oh great! Thank you for this. I just started looking into this today.

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No problem! :slight_smile: