What is your process with TaskPaper


I would love to hear how people use TaskPaper day to day? Do you do Weekly reviews, Daily Reviews?

Do you use certain queries to power through the day?

I’m not looking for anything specific, just tips tricks and motivation!

Feel free to point to existing posts or blogs.



I use TaskPaper to slice down problems I am working on into smaller and smaller tasks I can actually complete.



Thanks for sharing your site, well done. I had a poke around, but not too much yet.


I saw your “Alfred My Mind” post on Medium, interesting stuff. You might be interested in a long running mind program called “The Brain”. It may not be as open and integratable as some of your other tools, but has its own kind of magic.


Its a tool you think you quickly understand, but then takes years to appreciate and master.


I use it as daily to-do lists, to breakdown bigger things (‘project’) into tasks, and yes also as a trigger-list for weekly review’s.