What is happening when I hit "escape"?


What’s this thing that’s popping up with I hit escape? (see picture)

Shouldn’t hitting escape again make it go away instead of inserting the 1st selected word/character?


A quick search led me to here: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/09/04/new-quicktype-like-feature-found-in-os-x-yosemite/

It looks like a system-level ‘feature’.


Yes, it’s the system level “complete” list. Generally when you hit escape (again, after the list is showing) it will not insert any text. It seems there’s a bug in the case where you start by hitting escape when there’s no current word… then it will insert “I” and a second escape seems to leave the I in place.

The feature is normally used to complete long words that you are already in the process of typing.


Thanks! (i guess i’ve never run into it very much before…but I’m hitting the esc in Taskpaper more often than usual while I’m getting used to it.)