Weekly reoccurring tasks

I’m still getting used to the basic, but one thing that I’d like to do, but can’t wrap my brain around, is to have a weekly to-do list that I can re-uese from week to week. Preferably one where I could check things off as I do them (tag as done), but then be able to reset it at the end of the week in order to have it to start the next week.
I’d also like it if I could assign tasks to days of the week Tasks like Wednesday take out the trash, Saturday balance checkbook, etc.

If anyone has any ideas how to implement this I’d appreciate it.


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The way I’d do this is with a custom TextExpander snippet, using TE’s date math and some custom scripts by Brett Terpstra to do the days of the week. But that requires another app (but if you’re committing to plain text with TaskPaper, TextExpander is a great resource - I use it constantly for any kind of dynamic tagging in TP).

Basically what you need is somewhere to store the template and a script that will update it when you copy it over, with some placeholders for the days and some code to replace those placeholders with the correct dates each time.

Horses for courses, but I do it a different way. For weekly tasks that need to be done on a particular day I tag them @start(Saturday) @flag (where you replace “Saturday” with whichever day)

Then I use a saved search for my “Today” view as follows:

@today or @due <=[d] tomorrow or (@flag and @start <=[d] today)

The last part of this search (the bit in parentheses) matches my weekly recurring tasks when their day rolls round. Because Taskpaper treats @start(Saturday) as meaning next Saturday, once you get to Sunday the task disappears until next week.

I’m mostly not interested in having a “done” copy of this in my Archive, so either I don’t bother to mark as @done (I’m usually capable of remembering if I’ve taken out the rubbish today) or mark as @done for the satisfaction of crossing off the list, and then unmark the next morning when I review my done tasks from previous day.