Want to look, but trial doesn't like me


I d/l TP3 for a quick look yesterday. I decided that I couldn’t afford this month, so I deleted. Then…the concept started working on me, so I decided to take another look and try a few Alfred workflows, etc. Sooo, I d/l again, and it says I’ve use up all my trial ammo. Any way I could get inside for another quick look?

[EDIT 9:50 PM] I decided I would just go ahead and buy. Going through the usual Paddle process, I choose PayPal, and PP just puts me in a sign-in loop. This happened about a month ago with another Paddle attempt. Any one else having issues purchasing this way? I was ready, slapped my money on the counter, and now I have to put my money back in my wallet and slink away. :wink:


Sorry that you are having these troubles ordering. I’ll email you directly.