Voice Control on macOS

I noticed that Voice Control has trouble interacting with text in Bike. Adding text by dictating is fine. But if you try to select text or move the cursor or do other text editing/navigation commands, nothing happens.

Unfortunately Bike has little to no accessibility support. I tried adding last winter but ran into code design issues. I couldn’t add support cleanly or efficiently with the current design.

To implement outline filtering (next task after stylesheets) I will be redoing much of the core editor design, and one thing that I’ll be doing is making it possible to add voice control support in an efficient manner.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be adding voice control soon (also have iOS to think about this spring, summer), but it’s definitely still on my list and I’m slowly moving in that direction.


An IOS version? Wow. No rush though. Your programs have a quality of craftsmanship which I believe is noticeable. What they say is true - Rome was not built in a day.

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