Vim-style bindings

Bike reminds me of Vim. It’s a modal editor. You go into a kind of editing mode in both using Esc and i even triggers Insert mode in Bike. :slight_smile: Why not take this a little further and add Vim-like keybindings.

For example:

  • I to insert from start of line
  • A to append from end of line
    hjkl` line navigation
  • < and > for outdenting and indenting

Any one see a problem in these bindings? They could be implemented in user land if Bike could report back to AppleScript which mode it’s currently in.


This is definitely on my wishlist too. I’ve written a bit more about my goals here:

I expect it will be a while before I finish other things that have priority and can work on this, but definitely a goal. I expect it will be implemented in two phases. First a generic multi-keystroke keybinding system so that we can all experiment with different keybindings. Then I’ll decide on a default set of keybindings.