Using Bike and Grammarly

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Just testing Bike and it looks great. Just wondering why Grammarly doesn’t seem to work with it and how to use the two together?

My understanding is that Grammarly is compatible with most web apps,
but only with a particular subset of desktop native applications:

Grammarly’s product offerings – Grammarly Support

I don’t know if this will help, but I just read that Grammarly doesn’t work with apps downloaded from the Mac App Store… Maybe try the version of Bike downloaded from my website and see if that makes a difference. I don’t quite understand why there would be a difference since both versions are sandboxed and that’s the only thing that I know of that would made a difference. But worth a try.

Thanks for the suggestion Jesse. I did what you suggested - downloaded the version from your site (v1.11.1) but I’m afraid that it doesn’t work with Grammarly either.

Thinking more I guess Grammarly probably uses the Accessibility API which unfortunately Bike doesn’t yet support in the main text area. This is on my long term todo list, but I tried once over the winter and ran into problems. Need to build some more infrastructure before I try again.

One way to test if this is the problem would be to see if grammar works in other text fields in Bike… for example (assuming grammar works in any text fields) does grammar work in Bike when you are editing text in the find panel text field?

Thanks for the reply Jesse. No Grammarly doesn’t pop-up in that field either.

I thought Grammarly should pop-up in normal text fields - for instance it automatically pops-up in Scrivener and Ulysses, so I thought it should just work… I think maybe complexpoint’s post above is on the right lines - there’s something about Grammarly only working with a subset of applications, and it’s my misunderstanding :frowning:

One thing I do is bidirectionally link Grammarly documents with Bike and the source using Hookmark. In my case the source of most of what I write is .txt file; for longer documents I typically work from an outline, where I do my thinking. The source document is linked to the outline and other materials, depending on the case:

  • a web page where the document will be published (if applicable)
  • ancillary materials (such as a PDF generated from the source, figures, etc.)

if you hook the Grammarly doc only to the source, then bike is still just one node away from Grammarly; but as noted, you can hook the bike document directly to a Grammarly document. Otherwise, navigating back and forth between Grammarly and ancillary documents, over time, is a pain. And they can all be found via Hookmark’s search. I.e., if you hook a bike document to something, then it will show up in Hookmark’s bookmarks database.

cf. Using Hookmark with Bike. I’ll do a video on hooking stuff to Grammarly at some point.

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Not to hijack this thread about Grammarly, but I’d definitely welcome Antidote support in Bike. It’s similar to Grammarly, but also includes extensive dictionaries, etymologies, and writing guides for both English and French languages. More information is available via their developer tools.