Using a separate Inbox file together with "Move to project"?


I’m trying to see if I could use a separate Inbox file (which makes it easy to add items via e.g. Launch Center Pro on iOS and then move them to projects in my “normal” files (such as TODO.taskpaper or TODAY.taskpaper). Only problem is I can’t use the “Move to Project” action over multiple files. Is there a workaround for that?


There isn’t other then writing a custom script I think.

At some point I might create a release that focuses on multi-file support. For example searching across all open documents, and moving to a project in another document would also be good for that release. But I haven’t started any of that work yet and don’t have any concrete plans on when I will.

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Clear. I’m just wondering how people are capturing tasks on e.g. iOS. The two basic options I see now are either using tools like Workflow or Launch Center Pro with “Prepend (or append) to Dropbox file” or use some kind of editor such as Editorial to edit the files. The only problem with that is that it’s regularly throwing of the sync between files on my Mac and iPhone.

Any suggestions or strategies on how to best capture “Inbox” items on iOS are welcome!

What particular problem are you running into … generally (I think) it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you aren’t trying to edit the files at nearly exactly the same time?

Drafts and Taskmator.

Drafts → Inbox.txt + Hazel (+ Applescript).

Legacy from my FoldingText set-up, and feels perhaps a bit more complicated than it needs to be, but it serves my purposes until I figure something else out.