Update - problems resolved - was major issues with Taskpaper 3

UPDATE - Seems to have been a formatting or parsing issue on first load. I went back and fixed files and now everything is working very well. As you see below, Jesse responded in minutes. You can’t beat strong support, so I gave this five stars in the Mac App Store.

Taskpaper seems to have taken a major step backward and is filled with bugs that kill any value for the application. Some key items:

  1. After I enter a list of tasks in a project, when I return all entries appear to have disappeared. They are actually in the file, properly formatted. They show only in the overall view of the file, and not in the project view.

  2. Creating a new project always creates it within and at the top of the next listed project.

  3. Many of the menu items are grayed out everywhere in the application. Key features like move do not work at all or not as expected.

You charged a lot of money, and this application was not ready for release. Not even close, and now I can’t go back.

I think it’s likely that you haven’t indented (press tab key to indent) those entries under the project. Unless the entries are indented under the project that are no considered part of the project. This is intentional, TaskPaper 2 worked the same way.

I’m not sure what you mean… for me it’s either:

  1. Creating as child of current item if current item is a project
  2. Or creating as sibling to current item if current item is not a project.

I think the sidebar must have keyboard focus when you are looking at those menu items, not the text editor. The sidebar is a navigation UI, not editing UI. If you want the “edit” menu items to work then you’ll need to move keyboard focus to the text editor.

UPDATE - seems to have been some issue with the file format - now fixed.

None of this is working as you describe above.

  • I indented the items under the projects. They don’t show when I display the project by clicking the project in the left nav. Taskpaper 2 did not do what is happening now.

  • Creating a project is now problematic, since it always creates it within another project, even when I have focus on the document name at the top of the left nav. The only way to fix this is to close the document and open it again.

  • You’re right about the third point.

I’ll be glad to share some video so you can see what’s happening. This is night and day. I have been a daily user of Taskpaper 2 for my work since I got it many months ago. The application isn’t behaving the same. Not close, whether I use my old task document or create a new one.

Yes, a video would be great, thanks! Also an example file can help me understand what’s happening too.

Seems like there must have been some kind of problem when I opened the old file. I just went ahead and removed and re-added the deletions - now everything appears to be working!

Good to hear that it’s working! Please let me know if you can figure out what caused the initial problem.

I’ll try to reproduce the problem with a file I can share … I can’t with the one I have. Working on deadline - so that will be later. I appreciate your responsiveness and I left a five-star review just now in the App Store. Editing the reports up above so people don’t get a bad impression based on my initial report. Have a great day.

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