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I use a simple script to “transfer” my TaskPaper to do list into Marked 2. The script prunes and sorts actions that are on my to do list according to due dates. I then use Marked 2 to print the sorted list.
Suddenly Marked 2 puts actions tagged with the same due date right after one another, without line breaks to separate different actions (that are on separate lines in TaskPaper). Up to 1-2 weeks ago this never happened.
Does anyone know what is going on and how it can be resolved?
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I contacted Brett Terpstra (developer of Marked 2). He looked at the script’s “clipboard paste” output and noted that all of the items are on the same line (or at least missing newlines). These should be in bullet lists, but to preserve the linebreaks check the processor preferences and enable GitHub newlines.

Does this ring a bell for anyone, on how to proceed? (FYI I am not into scripts and processors, I just use TaskPaper + script obtained here to sort and prune a todo list.)


Can you share the script that you are using along with the version of TaskPaper and macOS that you are using? Thanks!


Done, via e-mail.


Problem solved thanks to Jesse. He looked at the script and tweaked it to "add a “- " in front of items so they present as an unordered list after being processed through markdown”.

Many thanks – very much appreciated!