Uninstall Bike

Asking for instructions for uninstalling Bike.

In examining files associated with Bike I find an enormous number, more than 1000 files similar to these:


I have no Bike outlines on my system. In fact I have never stored any Bike outlines on the internal Mac storage. My outlines were on external NAS.

Of course I want to remove these and all other files associated with this application.

Please advise.

Can you give the full path and content of one of those files?

Bike is a document based app that generally uses macOS system provided code for its document management/implementation. First guess is that those files are from the macOS autosave system.

Bike is a sandboxed app. The only place it can write data without your permission is in:


So if you delete that folder that should delete everything. Though I really would like a bit more info so that I and you can understand where they are coming from.


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Like this:

/Users/[username]/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike/Data/Library/Autosave Information/BB010E35-0F9E-4744-83A7-EE8B24FF47FB.genstore.noindex/EC6C9B14-832A-4414-963D-4F778D462485.bike

Each one of these .genstore.noindex folders contains several .bike files.

There is also a folder named Bike in the [username]/Library/Containers folder. This Bike folder contains a folder Data which contains aliases to Desktop, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures; and folders SystemData, Documents, tmp/TemporaryItems and tmp/WebKit/MediaCache and ModelElement.

There is also a [username]/Library/Containers/Bike/Data/Library/Application Support/Bike/ which contains .padl and .spadl files.

Thanks for taking a look and reporting back.

I think generally things are as expected. I can’t say for certain what all of these files are (as I said they are created/managed by macOS), but generally:

So these are part of autosave system. It does seem like there must be a bug somewhere in that system that’s not cleaning up old autosaves for you. And while the name is “Autosave” I think those files are also used for the File > Revert to > Versions feature (again provided by macOS).

I wonder if it’s some bug related to external NAS. If I search google for “genstore.noindex” I see some other reports of larger number of autosave files generated by other apps (that are using same document based app designed provided by macOS).

In my case I don’t see any such files in my autosave folder.

If there’s some other document based app (such as TextEdit) that you use frequently and whose files you store on NAS it would be interesting to know if that app’s autosave folder has same files… though it might be specific to the various autosave configuration.

There are some old posts here on how to disable autosave for particular app:

This is all setup by macOS Sandbox. Those alias need to be there for some sandbox reason, but Bike still doesn’t have ability to follow those alias and read/write content without permission.

Those files are setup by Paddle’s licensing system that I use. Generally when I say that Bike can only write to [username]/Library/Containers/Bike I mean to that folder and all subfolders, but not following any aliases out of that hierarchy.

Last I think [username]/Library/Containers/Bike and [username]/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike are actually the same location. The actual path is com.hogbaysoftware.Bike which you will see when browsing the directory using Terminal.app, but when you browse that location using the Finder it displays using just “Bike”, I guess to be more friendly.

Hope that all helps explain the things that I can explain.

Thank you, this is very helpful.

My Mac, which is rarely used to store user data, contained 4,400 Autosave Information folders and files.

The post you linked to included a screenshot of an old Mac system setting. That setting, which is said to affect autosave, is now in the Desktop & Dock preferences on Sonoma. I have enabled it, we’ll see if that has any effect.

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