Undo sometimes collapses parent tasks instead of undoing correct action


Version 3.0 Preview (167)

Tasks with phone numbers get data-detected and get a little arrow where you can FaceTime them, add them as a contact, etc. It’s possible to make this corrupt the display of the file.

test.taskpaper (174 Bytes)

In that file, do the following

  1. Highlight the last two lines (the ones indented one stop too far)

  2. Hit Shift+Tab once to unindent them

  3. Hit ⌘Z to undo

    On my computer, those two lines completely disappear at this point. Now:

  4. Click at the end of the “Fa” line to put your cursor there

  5. Hit “Enter”, then “Tab”

    At this point, the other two tasks reappear, and the new task shifts to be below them.

If you save while the tasks are disappeared, they’re not deleted; reopening the file restores them. Still, this bug is pretty disconcerting!


Thanks for reporting this.

I’m having a hard time reproducing this. Can you reproduce it overtime after a fresh open of that file?

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the data detector phone number part isn’t actually causing this. Instead I think the problem is that in some cases when you undo in that situation the “Fa” line ends up collapsed. So the undo works… but you can’t see the items because “Fa” is collapsed. That would explain the other behavior.


Oh, huh. Yeah, that is what’s happening. I can reproduce it on other, non-data-detector lines now, and they are indeed being collapsed; I didn’t notice the handle changing color. But it does happen on a fresh download/open of the file.