Unable to use Magnet with Bike

Bike 1.9 (112) and Magnet 2.11.0 on Ventura 13.2.1

Bike is the only application I can’t control using Magnet, any ideas?

You might need to be more specific about:

  • what you are trying,
  • what is looking unexpected,
  • and what versions of Bike, macOS and Magnet you are using.

(Magnet 2.11.0 is resizing the windows of Bike 1.9 (112) as expected here on macOS 11.74)

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I gave all the versions?

I am trying to move the Bike window using Magnet software. All Magnet options are greyed.

I expect to be able to control the placement of the Bike Window using Magnet.

Working here, and nothing greyed …

I haven’t really used Magnet much, but I just downloaded and Bike seems to be working on 13.2.1 for me also.

Edit Do you have a guest user account you could test on? Or maybe just a restart. I’m really not sure what would make Bike not work in this case.

This gets interesting…

Same software levels, but on my slightly older Macbook Pro - which is Intel - Everything works.
But on my newer Macbook Pro - which is M1 ARM - the Magnet list is greyed (but works with other applications as expected.)

Try the guest account on that computer … I’m testing on MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and it seems to work.

I will keep trying, as it works on my older machine. I trust the software for now. If I resolve this, I will post back here.

Thanks for now

A restart of Bike on the new machine, and yes now everything works as expected. Sorry for the interruption. Must have been some window issue preventing Magnet from getting control.


No problem, thanks for the fix. Few days ago I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why my builds all of the sudden stopped working. In the end the trick was restart machine. Grrrr!