Unable to upgrade license

Hi Hog Bay Support,

I have a license purchased directly from Hog Bay and I see the renew license option within the app, and it’s the latest version 1.18 (168) - but when I click the renew license button, i just get a spinning window which hangs indefinitely. I’m on macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 and am behind a corporate firewall which is probably affecting the connection. Is there another option for renewing and/or debugging this issue?

Preferably I’d be able to do this from the website uses a standard browser rather than launching through the app, but I realize these issues can be tricky.

Thanks very much,

Sorry for the trouble.

Unfortunately I don’t have a web interface for upgrading, it’s only available in app. If you want you can PayPal me $15 (jesse@hogbaysoftware.com) and I will upgrade the license that way… though I think you will still need to launch Bike outside of firewall once, so that it can contact the license server and read the new expire date.

Let me know if that works or you have another idea.

Cool, I think you probably know this already but just wanted to confirm this process worked and my license updated.
Thanks very much Jesse, and thanks for the excellent application :slight_smile:

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