Ugly asterisks in front of project name


I would like to prepend project names with an asterisk, like this:

* ProjectName:
- item 1

This use of asterisks before the project-name is handy because I can then open files in Emacs OrgMode as well, and Emacs recognizes projects as headers for folding etc.

But Taskpaper renders a very ugly blown up asterisk when I do so. This is NOT the case when I type:

“*ProjectName:” or “Project*Name” etc, then the layout is fine. It’s specifically when I type first and asterisk, followed by a space, then the project-name.

Do you have a suggestion how to edit the layout of this asterisk in the .less file, or some other method?

Just one suggestion: If you want to work with your TaskPaper files in Emacs, I would recommend the TaskPaper mode for Emacs.

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Thank you, I had overlooked that option. I will try it. Have a good day.