Typing Action Too... Slippery?

Really liking Bike so far — I’m imagining it as a kind of stripped-down Scrivener, allowing you to write chapters in foldable, re-arrangable chunks.

My only issue (other than having the ability to choose my own font) is that the typing action seems too slippery, too smooth. Every writing app I’ve ever used (including within this very text box) renders letters onscreen one at a time —pop pop pop—matching the rhythm of the keys being clicked. Bike seems to slither the words in. I can’t tell what’s really going on here — is it a micro-fractional delay in rendering each letter? Maybe.

The only thing I can equate it to is the Soap Opera Effect on modern TVs — there’s something too smooth going on here, and it basically breaks the illusion that the keys are “clicking the letters into place”, typewriter style.

Hope this makes sense. Bike really is beautiful, and I include the icon in that praise.

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Quick +1 on this. My first thought when using keyboard navigation was “whoa, the cursor is gliding around on a rubber band.” I’m sure it’s physically possible to type just as fast as on any other editor, but the feeling is that it’s very different.

I did try “disable animations” but the cursor still glides. I tried playing with the speed (does that make the animations shorter? or longer?) and didn’t see much of a change. I’d love to turn this off and get the screen displaying the cursor and typed text as fast as possible :slight_smile:

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Are you sure on that? I don’t see any cursor animation if “Enable Animations” is not checked in preferences… big caveat … there is a bug in the 1.0 release where this setting isn’t displaying correctly the first time. Maybe try click it on then off again. For me I see no animation after that.

The slider has a label at the end showing the multiple. Slide more to the right to make the animations faster.