Typewriter scrolling not working - Writeroom 2.5.2


The typewriter scrolling (the line that you’re writing stays in the middle of the screen) doesn’t work. It makes no difference to checkbox this or move the slider in Preferences. The line I’m writing stays in the bottom of the screen no matter what. Very annoying.

Thanks in advance,


It’s still working well for me in Version 3.2.1 (112) … in version 2.5.2 I think it also still works, but there’s an OS change that can get you int a situation where it does not work. In particular WriteRoom 2.5 was built before OS X had built in fullscreen mode… and WriteRoom 2.5’s typewriter scrolling requires that you enter WriteRoom’s custom fullscreen mode to work. To do this:

  1. Exit full screen mode if already in fullscreen mode (click the green window button)
  2. Enter WriteRoom’s custom fullscreen mode with Window > Enter Full Screen Mode
  3. Now (assuming settings are checked in preferences window) typewriter scrolling should work.