Tutorials Needed

I’m posting this as a suggestion, and a request. There needs to be a good tutorial of how someone is using Taskpaper 3. I have searched YouTube and found no such tutorials. I paid for a preview version of Taskpaper 3 and it appears that it’s going to take a a while for that to become a reality. I have heard people mention using Alfred as part of your workflow with Taskpaper 3. I paid for an Alfred powerpack a long time ago but I confess that I almost never use those features because I just don’t understand how people are using it

I learned how to change themes in Taskpaper 2 and I’m sure I can figure that out again in Taskpaper 3. But I would love to see an example of how someone is using Taskpaper 3 with some of these examples I see discussed on this forum. I really have no concept how people are tracking tasks to be done over time in Taskpaper 3. Apparently there’s quite a bit of scripting possible with task paper three.

I use typing Typinator extensively in my workflow for boilerplate of tasks that need attention and I use keyboard Maestro is a powerful macro in many areas of my workflow. I find Taskpaper 3 relegated to the sidelines because at the moment it is nothing more to me than a fancy text document with the ability to collapse or expand an idea.

I’m not saying this to disrespect Taskpaper 3 in anyway only to say that I wish there was a good tutorial so that I could visually understand how some people are using this app. That would help me quite a bit. Thanks.

I don’t have time right now to record anything but I’d like to add that the strength of TaskPaper is that it acts as a blank canvas. A lot of todo apps are based on a singular approach that may not always suit how you work. I’ve tried many of these and now I use only TP. Scripting is not easy for the novice and I suggest you just use the app to record and track tasks and then look at what else would be useful to your workflow. Looking for fancy and complicated processes is (to me at least) like looking for problems to fit solutions.

The developer and community here are fantastic and are doing very useful things but I would start with what you want to achieve with the software.

I use TP to control the email deluge and log tasks from all other sources too. I also use scripts+Alfred to send tasks to TP, log work done and archive to Day One. It’s the closet thing to a pad and pen which is an effective solution too, but with the added benefit of computerisation.


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I appreciate that there are many ways to use TP3. But, there are many ways to learn as well. I am primarily a visual learner. If I cant see what can be done, I cannot decide how this works for me. There must be other ways to use it than I have already done. As it is, I cannot visualize any sort of work flow and from what I am reading, there are some pretty good ones. Hopefully someone will be able to share this a bit.

I agree. Its frustrating that there are not enough tutorials.

Then recently I discovered that ScreenCasts Only had published a tutorial - worth every minute: