Trying to make selected "gaps" more visible

For example in the following screenshot I’ve marked the “To create a project…” (in default welcome document) item @done, and then I’ve searched for not @done to hide it. Then I selected all … I want the user to know that there is this hidden item in the selection.

In the current TaskPaper I indicate this with ¶–¶ at the end of the previous visible line… but I don’t think that’s visible enough. So I’m looking for a better alternative. Here’s a first shot:

Thoughts, ideas, feedback welcome.

Trying to be constructive but is this a feature worth implementing? My view is that if the user has a filter active then they would upgrade the filter to show the missing content. I’ve just been working on something of my own so maybe I’m just imagining the performance hit.

I love it! Rendering the gaps like that looks great to me.

I’ve always been wary of “folding” things to hide them—I’m never quite sure what editor actions do to hidden items. This would help with that :slight_smile:

I think the problem that I’m trying to solve is that in a larger outline it might be the case that you don’t know where missing content is. So you wouldn’t know that you needed to upgrade the filter to show missing content (if I follow you suggestion correctly).

I don’t think this feature would post much of a performance hit … are you talking about an existing performance problem that you see in TaskPaper or something else?

No performance problem for me, but I have a new Mac. I was only making a general observation about performance in general, it would be running a search filter and dynamically re-rendering the page, that might add up to something in the long run, it’s something that developers usually monitor isn’t it?

Ahh, it wouldn’t need to do that. It still just runs the search once. Then when rendering the selection it just looks to see if the next node in the outline structure is also visible in the text editor buffer (fast operation) and draws the dash based on that.

I like the idea and the proposed implementation. Thanks!